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PAS68 Barrier
Surface Mounted Concrete Barrier
Our PAS68 impact rated HVM concrete barrier solution.
MASS Pedestrian Guard
MASS Pedestrian Guard, a vandal proof steel security fence.
SentriGate – Solar powered, mobile gate designed for traffic control…
Surface Guard
Surface Guard Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Solution
Zoneguard Plus
Zoneguard Plus is a hostile vehicle mitigation product that provides…
Superbeam image
The Superbeam concrete barrier is ideal for blocking gateways and…
Bath Christmas Market 2019
Pitagone HVM
F11 & F18 are lightweight portable HVM barriers.
QuadGuard Crash Cushion
QuadGuard Crash Cushion
We are the manufacturers of MASS
M.A.S.S is a steel barrier solution that provides a base…
Multibloc is a versatile vertical concrete barrier (TVCB) used in…
Multibloc Barge
The Multibloc Barge is ideal for blocking a gap between…
Gallows Gate
Gallows Gate
Multibloc gate product with latch design.
Extendable Gallows Gate
Extendable Gallows Gate 3m, 3.5m and 4m
HVM Barriers
HVM Barriers for protecting people against attack.
A heavier and taller temporary higher vertical concrete barrier (THVCB)…
Double Leaf Vehicle Access Gate
Up to six metre width vehicles access gate for site…
HVM Gates
HVM gates providing protection and authorised access.
Multibloc gate product with latch design.
REBLOC is a precast concrete vehicle restraint system designed to…
A mounted temporary barrier with EN1317 tested fence.
M.A.S.S Siteguard
MASS Siteguard
MASS Siteguard – Steel barrier with anti-climb, galvanised steel mesh…
Versatile anti-climb and anti-cut mesh fencing system.
M.A.S.S Screenguard
MASS Screenguard
MASS Screenguard – attaches to the top of the MASS…
HVM Bollards
Surface Mounted Bollards – PAS68 hostile vehicle mitigation solution.
M.A.S.S Visirail Guard
MASS Visirail
MASS Visirail – A steel barrier with a high visibility…
MULTIBLOC with BlastDefender
Protection from aviation jet blasts.
Pedestrian Portal
Portals offer HVM protection whilst maintaining pedestrian flow.
FLEXIMAX – A flexible concrete barrier product.
HVM Barge
HVM Barge – Provides a level of pedestrian safety whilst…
Hoarding panels are ideal for sites where privacy is essential.…
Access Control
Access Control – Providing site access control solutions for people…

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