MAXIBLOC is a concrete barrier solution specifically designed to provide a safe environment from vehicles as well as protect property from unauthorised access.


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About Maxibloc


MAXIBLOC is a higher vertical concrete barrier (THVCB), measuring 3 metres in length by 1.4 metres high and weighing in at 4.5 tonnes. These units are similar to the Mutlibloc product but heavier and taller, providing effective parapet protection to H4a/W5 containment when surface mounted and H4a/W2 when recessed.

Being EN 1317 tested, the product is ideal for heavy traffic roadways, including protection from heavy goods vehicles, protecting vulnerable structures, and securing vacant property.

Maxibloc also includes an option for Multifence and GRP cladding.

Each unit can also be locked together to form a larger barrier and is quick and easy to deploy at site.

  • EN 1317 Tested
  • Parapet protection to H4a/W5 containment
  • High level of protection

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