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We have a wide range of products and solutions including securing construction sites as well as protecting people from road, rail or site projects.

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Construction Products

Hardstaff Barriers is a multi-award-winning manufacturer and supplier of vehicle restraint systems (VRS), hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) barriers, perimeter fencing, concrete security barriers and access gates, designed for one thing: to keep people and property safe.
A range of products exist to support construction schemes and provide barriers and fencing ideal for construction works across a range of industries from highways to nuclear installations.


Benefit of our barriers in construction

  • Protection for people and property – prevent damage and injury. PAS 68 rated products available
  • Provide security – Prevent unauthorised access
  • Provide privacy – Screening of sites and provide simple advertising with our customised hoarding panels
  • Slow / Direct / Limit movement of site and surrounding traffic
  • Delineation for a site – A clear indication of boundary for site projects
  • Ability to quickly deploy and adapt to changes during site work such as change of boundary, traffic flow or site development


We are proud to hold ConstructionLine Platinum Membership that highlights our dedication to high standards in performance, safety and efficiency.
The Platinum membership status assures current and potential clients that Hardstaff Barriers is regarded as a trusted, professional supplier in the construction industry and that customers can confidently engage with the company.

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Construction Products

Multibloc is a versatile vertical concrete barrier (TVCB) used in…
We are the manufacturers of MASS
M.A.S.S is a steel barrier solution that provides a base…
Hoarding panels are ideal for sites where privacy is essential.…
Versatile anti-climb and anti-cut mesh fencing system.
Gallows Gate
Gallows Gate
Multibloc gate product with latch design.
Extendable Gallows Gate
Extendable Gallows Gate 3m, 3.5m and 4m
Multibloc gate product with latch design.
Double Leaf Vehicle Access Gate
Up to six metre width vehicles access gate for site…

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