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COVID-19 Segregation


Covid-19 has seen our communities returning to a “New Normal”. New considerations include Securing City Centres, Securing Cycle Lanes, Keeping Pedestrians Safe & Safe Alfresco Dining Solutions.

Securing City Centres

As most of us are returning to our new normal, a stark reminder has been issued by Metropolitan Police’s Lucy D’Orsi:- “the coronavirus lockdown may have led more individuals to become radicalised as they spend more time online”.

With the full extent of the global lockdown’s impact on radicalisation and attack planning unknown, we must remember that the UK’s terror threat level remains at “substantial”.

It is vital that we are prepared and take adequate measures to protect the public whilst encouraging visitors and traders back to city centres.

Securing Cycle Lanes

Cones and plastic bollards are not adequate measures to prevent or deter a vehicle incursion or a planned terrorist attack.

Major towns and cities are encouraging commuters to keep walking and cycling after lockdown restrictions ease. The benefits seen during the lockdown period on both air pollution and traffic congestion have not gone unnoticed.

Many Councils in the UK are looking to create new cycle lanes or extend existing provisions. With the addition of a simple demarcation barrier and an entry and exit point, cycle lanes can be successfully secured, and cyclists protected.

Keeping Pedestrians Safe

In its guidance on pedestrian safety, the WHO finds that pedestrianisation not only improves safety for pedestrians but also contributes to lower levels of noise and air pollution.

As well as environmental and social benefits, the economic benefits include increased retail spend.

Pedestrianisation cannot be achieved through signage alone. There needs to be a physical demarcation barrier which is more substantial than traffic cones.

This barrier should be pedestrian permeable whilst restricting access altogether for vehicles, protecting the pedestrianised area.

Safe Alfresco Dining Solutions

Outdoor dining and drinking represent a lifeline to the hospitality sector trying to recover from lockdown restrictions put into place during March in the UK.

Already there are reports in the USA of vehicle collisions into groups of diners, highlighting the importance of planning such schemes correctly.

With the right deterrents and barriers in place, areas can be transformed into lively social hubs and can contribute to the economic recovery of the UK.

If careless schemes are rolled out without the correct measures in place, vulnerabilities will be created, and people put at risk.

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