Access Control

Gates security – allowing authorised access for vehicles and people.


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Access Control

For access control and perimeter boundary security and privacy gates and hoarding is available. Gates range from simple gallows gate to restrict vehicle access to hostile vehicle mitigation solutions that mitigate vehicle borne attack but allow authorised access. Hoarding includes a selection of panels constructed from traditional marine plywood or steel GRP with the option of branding that works alongside the Multibloc product to provide site privacy

From simple lockable multipurpose swing gates to gates designed for hostile vehicle mitigation, Hardstaff Barriers have a range of different sized gate options to match a range of applications.



SentriGate - Solar powered, mobile gate designed for traffic control…
HVM Gates
HVM gates providing protection and authorised access.
Multibloc gate product with latch design.
Double Leaf Vehicle Access Gate
Up to six metre width vehicles access gate for site…
Gallows Gate
Gallows Gate
Multibloc gate product with latch design.
Extendable Gallows Gate
Extendable Gallows Gate 3m, 3.5m and 4m
Hoarding panels are ideal for sites where privacy is essential.…

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