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Hardstaff Barriers provide a range of tested crash barriers designed to protect motorists from roadside hazards.

These products include the Vecu-Stop crash cushions that protect both road workers and road users. The cushion is tested to EN1317-3:2010 and can be deployed on roads with speeds upto 70 mph. The Vecu-Stop can be installed for the protection of temporary barrier terminals or it can be installed permanently for the protection of fixed hazards.

EN1317-3:2010 Tested

Vecu-Stop consists of hollow cylinders configured in rows. These are highly efficient attenuators which are guided by a steel wire rope system. Once installed, the system elements do not require any maintenance.

Our other range includes the QuadGuard and Quest CEN systems, contact us for further details.

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Vecu-Stop Crash Cushion
Quest CEN 110
Quest CEN 110 Crash Cushion
QuadGuard Crash Cushion
QuadGuard Crash Cushion

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