QuadGuard Crash Cushion

The QUADGUARD™ CEN crash cushion system is designed to protect motorists in vehicles up to 1,500 kg, from roadside hazards as narrow as 610 mm and as wide as 2,285 mm.

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Energy absorbing

The QUADGUARD™ CEN System, the next generation of the QUADGUARD™ CEN family, is designed to protect motorists in vehicles from 900kg to 1500kg from roadside hazards as narrow as 610mm and as wide as 2,285mm. The QUADGUARD™ CEN System, has been tested in Europe as a redirective crash cushion to the maximum 110km/h using EN 1317-3 criteria. To fully comply with the definition of a System Type tested crash cushion, the QUADGUARD™ CEN has been further tested at 100km/h, 80km/h, and 50km/h.

Impact Protection

The QUADGUARD™ CEN family of crash cushions provides a broad range of impact protection for a variety of hazards and speeds, yet shares a number of common components. All members of the QUADGUARD™ CEN family feature Energy’ exclusive Quad-Beam fender panels, which provide 30 percent higher beam strength than conventional thrie-beam. The interchangeability of parts in the QUADGUARD™ CEN family significantly reduces stock requirements.


During head-on impacts at speeds up to 110km/h, the QUADGUARD™ CEN System telescopes rearward, crushing the cartridges and effectively dissipating the energy of both light cars (900kg) and large sedans (1500kg). During angle impacts at angles up to 15, the vehicles are safely redirected back into the original travel path. After a design impact, the QUADGUARD™ CEN System can be quickly and easily refurbished by a two man team. The majority of the components typically are reusable after a design impact.


  • Re-directive, bi-directional crash cushion
  • All systems fully compliant with EN 1317-3
  • Systems available in 5 widths (from 61cm to 2.3m)
  • Systems available for 4 speed levels (110km/h, 100km/h, 80km/h and 50km/h)
  • Quick and easy, on-site refurbishment

As well as...

  • Quick and easy, on-site refurbishment
  • Replaceable energy-absorbing cartridges
  • QuadBeam panels and diaphragms provide smooth redirection during side impacts
  • Up to 95% reusability after impact
  • Variety of transitions available
  • Also available on a steel plate for temporary protection at roadworks

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