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The MASS Barrier is a steel base unit with five top sections designed to suit different specifications.

MASS is manufactured and developed in the UK by Hardstaff Barriers a division of Hill and Smith Infrastructure Ltd.

Measurements can be found in the brochure.

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Multi Applicational Safety System

MASS with Sentrigate

MASS with SentriGate provides the features of our MASS Barrier with solar powered access control.

Coming with an included wireless remote, the gate (or multiple connected to one controller) can be operated from within security sheds, vehicle cabs or simply from a distance of up to 150m away. Perfect for managing site access, traffic control and isolating temporarily hazardous areas.

The SentriGate is the ultimate solution for those looking for a mobile traffic control solution. Inspired by the need for a product that could be set up in minutes, by a single person in areas with no access to electricity.

Made in the UK with quick delivery.

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Multi Applicational Safety System

The MASS Barrier is a steel base unit providing the foundations for five top sections designed to suit different site specifications.

MASS can be used in a range of sectors including aviation, nuclear, and construction, and has been used effectively in urban areas to segregate pedestrians and protect against traffic.

With a brilliant record in city centre vehicle/ pedestrian segregation and protection scenarios.

MASS Barrier Specifications

The hot dip galvanised and powder coated steel units are quick and easy to assemble due to unique plug-in sections. The swift installation process ensures maximum protection quickly with a minimum impact to traffic-flow. MASS is specially designed to self-stabilise when an errant vehicle drives onto the base units of the system, helping to protect the workforce and vehicle occupants. The base units are not fixed to the road, with an anchorage consisting of a steel buffer filled with sandbags at the terminal sections only.

No coring or drilling

For systems not requiring EN1317 level protection, no coring or drilling into the road is necessary, meaning installation can be quickly achieved with minimal tools and a team consisting of only four operatives or more.

All our MASS products are offered as rental or purchase.


MASS 1 is a high visibility safety solution; the connected top attachment further secures and strengthens the integrity of the MASS barriers.

It is the core of the system and its versatility allows it to be used in many applications throughout Europe.

MASS 1 has been fully tested to T2 W5 providing protection to workforce, vehicle occupants, as well as pedestrians.

Weighing in at 50kg with an overall height of 500mm, length of 1500mm and width of 500mm.


This is a low-level fence addition which provides a simple solution to improve pedestrian safety.

Simply slotting into place, the pedestrian guards are quick and easy to install, replace or swap out for a different top section.

Custom made branded versions of the top guard section are available, for marketing, promotional and aesthetic purposes.

Pedestrian Guard provides protection for the workforce and all road users, as well as pedestrians. It is also the perfect solution for pedestrian and traffic flow, as well as crowd management.


This is a high visibility pedestrian rail that combines the benefits of Pedestrian Guard with a high visibility steel security rail.

The MASS Visirail consists of galvanised steel and is fully compliant with Chapter 8 of the ‘Traffic Signs Manual’.

Custom-made branded versions of the top guard section are available for marketing, promotional and aesthetic purposes.


An anti-climb, galvanised mesh fencing. MASS Siteguard offers excellent perimeter security, protecting your site, workers & equipment.

The mesh fencing is the length of two base units. Ideal for protecting temporary schemes and projects.

Gated options are also available.


A hoarding panel for use on work sites and perimeters where privacy and security is required.

The high steel screen offers security combined with easy assembly in a range of situations.

The Screenguard is fitted with a back facing support beam, to provide extra strength and support in the event of high winds or vandalism.

MASS Corner Unit

MASS barriers provide the flexibility to curve, bend or angle where those site configurations are required.

Using a series of vertical pins and corner units, it is possible to easily rotate by 180° allowing a maximum angle between each base unit of a 90° bend.

These corner units allows for extra flexibility when each optional top section is required to follow a curve, bend or angle.

MASS with SentriGate Video

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Top Sections

MASS Pedestrian Guard
MASS Pedestrian Guard, a vandal proof steel security fence.
M.A.S.S Siteguard
MASS Siteguard
MASS Siteguard - Steel barrier with anti-climb, galvanised steel mesh…
M.A.S.S Screenguard
MASS Screenguard
MASS Screenguard - attaches to the top of the MASS…
M.A.S.S Visirail Guard
MASS Visirail
MASS Visirail - A steel barrier with a high visibility…