Vacant Property Solutions

Our barrier systems and accessories, including gates and fences, provide a quick solution for blocking entrances and gateways for commercial and private property.

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Vacant Property Solutions

Secure Property

Secure vacant properties 24 hours a day with temporary concrete barriers, fencing and gates, preventing unwanted vehicle access to sites and buildings.

Vacant properties are an easy target for squatters, thieves, arsonists and fly-tippers, so it is important security measures are taken into account to ensure the safety of commercial property and land. Not only in terms of access to the land itself but also access to the unit entrances too.

Site Security

Along with preventing vehicle access, if pedestrian security is also required then we have anti-climb fencing accessorises that can be added to these concrete blocks. Gates can also be added to allow authorised vehicle access too, as and when needed for owners or contractors etc.

We have a range of formations and solutions that can lock together to produce a longer temporary barrier preventing unauthorised vehicular access to larger vacant property sites, such as industrial estates, building sites, large car parks, forecourts & compounds.

Vacant Property Products

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