Welcome to our journey towards a greener future!

We are continuously seeking to develop products that are more environmentally sustainable and are engineering low-carbon solutions that maintain the high-performance standards required for your projects. We are not solely focused on new offerings; we are also enhancing our existing product line through greener design.

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Engineered for Greener Roads

Multibloc / V28 Barrier


The Multibloc / V28 Barrier, a key component in Hardstaff’s concrete barrier lineup, now boasts an environmentally friendly update with its construction from a carbon-reduced concrete mix, reducing concrete carbon emissions by 33% without compromising on the barrier’s renowned effectiveness in workforce protection on roadways. Ideal for a variety of settings, from roads to construction sites, this barrier continues to ensure safety while supporting net-zero goals.

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Maxibloc / V50 barrier


The Maxibloc / V50 barrier, another part of Hardstaff’s concrete barrier offerings, has been revisited and upgraded with a low carbon concrete mix, achieving a 33% reduction in concrete carbon emissions. For detailed information on the Maxibloc barrier and its features, visit the page below:

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REBLOC Concrete Barriers


All REBLOC products can now be manufactured using a bespoke low carbon concrete mix, achieving a 33% reduction in carbon emissions. This advancement enhances the sustainability of the entire REBLOC concrete barrier range. Available upon request. 

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Featured Product


REBLOC LC RB80 XA H1 W1 is Hardstaff’s Low Carbon variant of the existing RB80 XA line, cutting CO2 emissions by half compared to the standard products. tested to meet EN1317 standards, it is the new benchmark precast concrete barrier supporting lean construction programmes in the market.

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