The Ultimate Portable, Solar-Powered Traffic Control Solution


What is SentriGate?

Experience seamless traffic control with the SentriGate, the portable, solar-powered gate solution. Ingeniously designed for rapid setup by a single operative, SentriGate offers incredible ease of setup and operation.

Boasting a unique lightweight design for portability, solar-powered operation for electricity-deprived areas, and optional high-visibility markings for safety compliance. The SentriGate transforms traffic management with unrivalled efficiency and versatility. 




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Why choose SentriGate?


Easy Remote Controlled Operation

SentriGate, or multiple SentriGates linked to one controller, can be easily managed from within security sheds, vehicle cabins, or from a remote location up to 125m away using our robust IP65 hand-held transmitter. It is an ideal choice for site access management, traffic control, and establishing temporary safety perimeters.


Suitable for Highways Roadworks

SentriGate’s optional high-visibility reflective markings and panels make it ready for highway roadwork schemes requiring chapter 8 compliance, ensuring it is visible and safe in all working conditions.


Exceptional Portability

Featuring a unique wheel-based stand and compact lightweight design, the SentriGate effortlessly relocates to any area as needed. This manoeuvrability, combined with its rapid deployment capabilities, makes SentriGate the go-to solution for all your traffic and access control requirements.


Solar Power Empowered

Say goodbye to plugs, cables, and power outlets.

SentriGate’s modest solar panel and 12V battery system ensure it operates without needing to be connected to external power. Its low power consumption and high energy reserve capacity ensure uninterrupted operation, even in extended low-light conditions. 

Interchangeable Bases

SentriGate’s versatile base options maximize its compatibility and usefulness. Its base options include: 

Fast and Simple Setup

Designed for simplicity, the SentriGate’s slot and bolt together construction can be assembled in just 2 minutes.

The lightweight individual components mean a single operative can handle the entire setup process without assistance and the unit itself can break down small enough to fit easily in the back of a small van. 

Reach out now for a personalised quote and find out how SentriGate can redefine your traffic control strategy. Let’s start your journey to better traffic management. Contact us today!

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