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About our HVM

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is ingrained within the Hardstaff Barriers business. Over the last 15 years we have delivered solutions ranging from small single gate installations to large state events requiring a full secure island site.

In recent years, Hardstaff Barriers has provided safety barriers at numerous prestigious events including the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Wimbledon, London Marathon, Trooping the Colour, State Opening of Parliament, visits by the President of the United States and across the UK’s road network.

We are also capable of delivering emergency deployments in response to terrorist events; for example, Deployment of HVM around the ceremonial footprints in London and Windsor and protecting the River Thames Bridges by deployment of suitable HVM measures from our catalogue of solutions.


Bath Christmas Market 2019
Pitagone HVM
F11 & F18 are lightweight portable HVM barriers.
Surface Guard
Surface Guard Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Solution
HVM Barge
HVM Barge - Provides a level of pedestrian safety whilst…
HVM Barriers
HVM Barriers for protecting people against attack.
HVM Bollards
Surface Mounted Bollards - PAS68 hostile vehicle mitigation solution.
Pedestrian Portal
Portals offer HVM protection whilst maintaining pedestrian flow.
Multibloc Barge
The Multibloc Barge is ideal for blocking a gap between…
PAS68 Barrier
Surface Mounted Concrete Barrier
Our PAS68 impact rated HVM concrete barrier solution.
HVM Gates
HVM gates providing protection and authorised access.
Zoneguard Plus
Zoneguard Plus is a hostile vehicle mitigation product that provides…

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