HVM Bollards

PAS68 rated HVM Bollards.

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Surface Bollards

Surface Bollards

Surface Mounted Bollards are a PAS68 hostile vehicle mitigation solution.

Our surface mounted system is one of the first of its kind to be impact rated and provide PAS 68 certified impact protection.

Fast and straightforward installation and removal allows the array of bollards to be used when heightened security measures are needed, performing as a temporary security measure. The bollard system can be installed on a more permanent basis if site security requirements change.

Ground surfaces are unharmed as no bolts are required.
Taking just over ten minutes to install six bollards, the array does not require anything to anchor it to, as the system is stand alone.

This system can be used to protect an internal or external perimeter.
Not only will the bollards mitigate against vehicle-borne explosive attacks; they will also provide an intelligent solution for temporary security against attacks where vehicles are used as the weapon.

  • PAS68 rated
  • Fast installation and removal
  • Temporary Surface mounted with permanent options available

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