Surface Guard

Surface Guard and Surface Guard Emergency Vehicle Access Point

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Lightweight HVM & Pedestrianisation

Surface Guard

Our Surface Guard™ vehicle barrier provides temporary hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) protection from vehicle-borne threats at events as well as providing a safe area for pedestrians whilst many shops, cafés and bars provide outdoor seating and space to social distance.

Many different site scenarios and existing street furniture items can be incorporated within a Surface Guard deployment and the product is ideal for council and government public health schemes around pedestrianisation during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Surface Guard


Although the barrier is designed to prevent vehicle penetration there is the facility to allow emergency vehicles being admitted with the Surface Guard Emergency vehicle access point option (EVAP).

Supplied in individual units, Surface Guard is lightweight and able to be stacked completely flat making transportation very easy. The system is compact, easy to store, lightweight, robust, and easy to install.

Installation can be achieved across one standard road width with kerbs in just 40 minutes with four people and lifting bar and no forklift truck assistance is required.

Surface Guard Vehicle Access Point


  • Ideal for pedestrianisation schemes
  • Suitable where there is large footfall such as major event
  • EVAP allows for emergency vehicles
  • Lightweight, robust, and quick to deploy

Products designed for one thing: to keep people and property safe!

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