Quest CEN 110

Crash Cushion designed for the safe protection of fixed objects/hazards. The crash cushion is also compatible for use to protect the ends of our VRS barriers, Multibloc, Zoneguard, Varioguard and Rebloc.

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Quest Crash Cushion

About Quest CEN 110

Quest CEN 110 crash cushion system has been successfully tested using EN 1317-3 criteria for 110 km/h, 100 km/h and 80 km/h levels.

Consisting of a series of W-beam fender panels supported by diaphragms, the Quest CEN 110 features an innovative integrated front trigger mechanism. During impacts, this mechanism releases the support frame assembly to absorb the energy of the impact. The system is designed to telescope rearward during head-on impacts to absorb the energy of impact and to redirect vehicles during side angle impacts.

Fast and Easy Installation

The QUEST™ CEN 110 system is designed for fast and easy installation. The free-standing back-up is only 610 mm wide and the system can be lifted, transported and dropped into place, fully assembled. Only 15 anchors are required for installation.

Transition Options

Several transition panels are available for the QUEST™ CEN 110 system including a transition to W-Beam and a transition to Concrete Median Barrier.


  • Re-directive, bi-directional crash cushion
  • All systems fully compliant with EN 1317-3
  • Low-cost crash cushion
  • Systems available for 3 speed levels (110 km/h, 100 km/h and 80 km/h)
  • Lightweight (498 kg for 80 km/h system to 660 kg for 110 km/h system)
  • Open framework with galvanised steel components
  • Compact design (can be lifted, transported and dropped into place fully assembled)

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