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Vecu-Stop Overview


Vecu-Stop crash cushion system is based on more than fifty years of experience in designing road restraint systems. With specific models ideal for use with the range of Asset Temporary VRS, Zoneguard, Varioguard and Rebloc, Vecu-Stop crash cushions protect both road workers and road users. On temporary installations, the cushion is tested to EN1317-3:2010, up to speeds of 70 mph. Vecu-Stop consists of hollow cylinders arranged in rows. These are highly efficient attenuators which are guided by a steel wire rope system. Once installed, the system elements do not require any maintenance.

Connections and Transitions

Connection and transitions from the back-stop of the crash cushion to a profiled concrete protection wall by means of prefabricated special elements. Vecu-Stop can connect to Open Box Beam which can, in turn, transition to Double Height Open Box Beam. Open Box Beam is designed for use on the road edge and central reservation of motorways and high-speed roads.

Cushion Cylinders

Vecu-Stop crash cushions do not require any maintenance. The cushion cylinders are fixed to the back-stop via adjustable plates to give perfect alignment. The absorbing area in the centre does the main work of deformation in the event of side-on or head-on impacts. Every hollow cylinder has an individual deformation feature due to inserted filling elements (SF).

Deflector Shields

The deflector shields provide smooth gliding of a vehicle impacting on the side during redirection. All protruding edges are rendered safe by soft protection.

Telescopic Tubes

Rigid telescopic tubes near the nose of Vecu-Stop allow the front cylinders to wrap around the errant vehicle keeping it stable. Thereafter the intermediate elements and cylinders fold progressively and absorb the remaining energy of the impact.

Wire Rope Guidance

The wire rope guidance system ensures that during head-on impacts Vecu-Stop collapses in a controlled direction and during side-on impacts it ensures safe deflection of the cushion

High Visibility

Reflective black and yellow stickers on the end add to the safety features. Full corrosion protection is provided by a hot-dipped galvanised finish which makes it stand out on the roads. All components are made of steel and may be completely recycled.


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