Multigate is ideal for works where our Multibloc and fence are required to form a perimeter around a site, but pedestrian gate access is required.


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The Multigate is a great deterrent against potential trespassers in vehicles, whilst ensuring that site owners retain the ability to access their site when required.

The gate uses a common latch design, featuring a male pin on the latch plate with a hole drilled through it to accommodate a padlock. The padlock is then protected by a steel box structure.

Multigate has a standard width of 1.2 metres with height options available from 2-3 metres, and for hire or purchase.

Benefits & Features

  • Security with gate for authorised access by people
  • Sits on our Multibloc concrete barrier
  • Latch plate with padlock hole
  • Steel box structure for improved padlock protection
  • Flexible with high level of site protection

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