NEWS, SentriGate

NEWS: SentriGate

SentriGate is a solar powered mobile gate for traffic control that can be easily deployed by just a single person.

Hardstaff News Team 28 January 2021

Business owners urged to secure their vacant properties effectively during lockdown

Business owners are being urged to ensure that their vacant properties are as safe and secure as possible to protect them from harm during the latest…

Hardstaff News Team 27 January 2021

Temporary Security

In recent years, temporary security measures have become more prevalent in response to the changing nature of security threats. The Vehicle as a Weapon (VAAW) technique…

Hardstaff News Team 20 December 2020

10 considerations of Port Traffic Management

Hardstaff Barriers has provided a handy guide to the challenges and solutions faced by UK ports during the busy Brexit transition period.

Hardstaff News Team 18 December 2020

Hardstaff Barriers maintains gold fleet safety standard

Hardstaff Barriers has maintained its prestigious FORS Gold status for another year, in recognition of the company’s commitment to fleet safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

Hardstaff News Team 17 December 2020
NEWS, Solutions

Ports Traffic Management Solutions

As activity around UK ports increases considerably due to Brexit, it is vitally important to keep the emphasis on safety to protect people and critical infrastructure.

Hardstaff News Team 15 December 2020

The ‘Hardtashes’ of Hardstaff raise £1400 for Movember charity

Staff from Hardstaff Barriers have been busy over recent weeks growing moustaches of different shapes and sizes - raising £1400 for charity.

Hardstaff News Team 11 December 2020

Barriers keep shoppers safe at Selfridges’ London Christmas market

Barriers have been installed to protect visitors to an eagerly awaited Christmas market launched last week by a central London department store.

Hardstaff News Team 11 December 2020

Protecting Public Realm & Crowded Spaces

The fabric of society is intertwined with large gatherings of people and the crowded, often public, places they come together in. The Centre for Protection of…

Hardstaff News Team 18 November 2020