Keeping people and property safe

As activity around UK ports increases considerably due to Brexit, it is vitally important to keep the emphasis on safety to protect people and critical infrastructure.

Port Traffic Management Solutions

Recent events have shown that port safety needs to be a priority and managing the effective flow of people and traffic will be a key challenge to port authorities.

Hardstaff Barriers have a range of products designed with port operations in mind that meet stringent industry standards, including our concrete options such as Multibloc and Maxibloc and our steel barrier product MASS that includes topper options.

Scenarios for ports often include social distancing measures, pedestrianisation, safe working spaces, people flow, traffic management and vehicle restraint systems.

Barriers, security fencing and access solutions all work together to support what will be a busy transition period for the UK ports, keeping people and places safe during the next few months and well into 2021.

Hardstaff Barriers’ technical team are best placed to provide advice on specific requirements, taking the environment, suitability and effectiveness into consideration. With an award-winning team of fully trained and specialist installers, and with a commitment to fleet safety, efficiency and the environment, you can count on the industry leaders, Hardstaff Barriers.

Speak to our team today for guidance or support on our extensive range of solutions for UK ports and port authorities.

Port Solutions

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