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Bath Town Centre – Pedestrian & Cycle Lane

Bath Town Centre

Delivered Solution

The delivered solution to Bath town centre


The Challenge

Bath town centre needed to create social distanced pedestrian / cycle space on three main streets between the hours of 10:00 and 18:00. Outside of these hours the businesses in the area would require access for delivery and servicing of the properties.

Emergency access was also required and therefore the traffic management installation would need to provide vehicle access in an emergency.

The council had utilised pedestrian barriers and temporary signage as an initial solution to the issue as a full HVM solution had been discarded. The problem with this was each time a delivery driver or shop owner wanted access, the simply moved the signs and barriers out of the way and entered the street, often failing to return the signs and barriers, thereby enabling vehicle access to the street.


Hardstaff Barriers, an award winning traffic barrier company approached Bath and North East Somerset Council and outlined possible solutions available from their catalogue of temporary vehicle prohibition solutions. These included ATG Surface Guard, Pitagone F18, Gallows Gates and full HVM swing arm gates.

Before installation - Unsuitable plastic barriers

Before installation – Unsuitable plastic barriers

The Solution

Designs were drawn up to show how the restriction could be achieved using ATG Surface Guard, Pitagone F18 or Hardstaff’s own Gallows Gate. The first two solutions would both require a steward to enable emergency vehicle access during the hours of use and the F18 would require secure storage when not in use. Hardstaff provided options for all products to rent or purchase together with installation by their own skilled staff.


The council elected to use the Hardstaff Gallows Gate which, in standard form provide a 3m opening. Due to restricted turning circle in one area Hardstaff commissioned an extended 4m Gallows Gate to facilitate the access required. Hardstaff also painted the blocks supporting the gate to the councils specification. By installing Gallows Gates, which Hardstaff normally deploy to protect vacant property, the council were able to achieve a gated solution, creating the social distanced space they required during daytime hours.

The use of combination padlocks enable them to share the code with emergency services to facilitate access without the need for a steward to remain on point throughout the day time hours. When the system is not required the gate booms are simply locked in the open position by a secure chain to prevent unauthorised closures.

During Installation - Hardstaff installation team

During Installation – Hardstaff installation team on site


The Outcome

Following installation the council found two large vehicles were struggling to make turning circles in Upper Borough Walls, they contact Hardstaff asking for the layout to be relocated. Hardstaff were able to send a skilled operative to move the surface mounted layout under the councils direction to the satisfaction of all.


The Hard Facts
  • A Hardstaff Gallows Gate was installed in Bath town centre
  • An option of a 4m Gallows Gate with customised painted blocks was installed 
  • The solution provided a social distancing space as well as emergency vehicle access via combination padlock
  • When not required the gate booms could be locked in the open position
After - The completed solution using the Hardstaff Gallows Gate

After – The completed solution using the Hardstaff Gallows Gate product

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