A vehicle restraint system embedded 40 mm in asphalt or concrete and is mainly used where a high containment level is needed within a narrow space.

Product Overview

Features & Advantages

  • Only 40 mm embedment in asphalt/concrete
  • Installed on an asphalt depth of just 200 mm, the REBLOC system requires a low ground bearing pressure of only 0.2 MPa
  • No system movement with slim construction

The installation of short barrier sections is possible due to a short minimum installation length.
RB84XEAL_8 is available with drainage openings.
The system is also available free standing with perfomance data N2/W3.

Expansion units, terminals and connections to other systems also available.


  • Length 8000mm
  • Width 590mm
  • Height 840mm
  • Weight 4800kg
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