Perimeter Security

Concrete Security Barriers utilising Multibloc prevent unauthorised access and enhance the safety of the general public and site workers via delineating roadways, paths and parking areas within temporary secure compounds.  A range of Hoarding, fencing and access points allow the system to be completely secure.
The Multibloc system can be enhanced to protect premises and compounds from Hostile Vehicles - Please see our range of PAS 68 products including H2S2.










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Our concrete barriers require no foundations and can be installed to follow a curve and go from a flat surface to an incline with ease; giving a mobile, durable high-security solution for situations that require temporary to long-term protection.
Additional hoardings and fencing products provide quick, easy and cost effective solutions to the issue of site security. Sites of critical importance, the fence product can be changed to a more robust solution using our Hostile Vehicle Mitigation range of products.
Hardstaff Barriers’ Multibloc concrete barriers have been approved for use by Highways England and have been tested to meet the stringent quality standards of BS EN 1317 Part 2 (vehicle restraint systems). So can be placed along the road side.
Features and Benefits
  • Concrete blocks available up to 1.4m in height
  • Suitable for use on hard and soft terrain
  • No anchoring required
  • No foundations required
  • Considerable space saving over separate concrete blocks and mesh fencing solutions
  • Available for rental or purchase

Unifence & Unigate

A truly universal, fully integrated concrete safety barrier & temporary fencing system that works in conjunction with our Multibloc and Maxibloc concrete barrier system. This affordable and highly capable fencing system is suitable for use across the whole spectrum of perimeter security applications, including preventing access to dangerous or vulnerable sites and compound security.
The UniFence brand consists of two integrated safety barrier & temporary fencing products. The first is a modular design consisting of a V-MEX mesh panel fixed via clamp bars to 50x50mm SHS posts at 1500mm centres. The second design consists of a single frame made up of 30x30mm SHS that is manufactured as a single-piece fence panel with 2"x2" mesh. With the addition of the Unigate personnel access can be easily added into the perimeter system.
Both systems come with the option of powder coating or galvanising and are available for hire or purchase alongside our Multibloc and Maxibloc concrete barrier system.  For our PAS 68 system please click here

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Our hoarding panels are ideal for sites where privacy is essential.  Constructed from steel or GRP sheeting provides a visual block to your perimeter boundary, whilst also giving you the opportunity to brand the site with your own logo, colours or site specific requirements.  Personnel and vehicular access solutions are also available as part of the system.

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Multigate is an "a-frame" vehicle gate designed to work in conjunction with our TVCBs. The gate makes use of galvanised steel posts that fit directly onto the end of our TVCBs and act as hinge and latch posts. A simple 3.5 meter gate frame made of galvanised steel SHS completes the system.
Multigate is ideal for works where our TVCBs are required to form a temporary perimeter around a site. This gate is a great deterrent against potential trespassers in vehicles, whilst ensuring that site owners retain the ability to access their when required.
Multigate uses a common latch design, featuring a male pin on the latch plate with a hole drilled through it to accommodate a padlock. The padlock is then protected by a steel box structure. Multigate is available to purchase or hire alongside our TVCBs and is not a stand-alone product.

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Hardstaff Multibloc Multigate 1 RGB copy
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