Courageous colleagues help to save the life of Manchester stab victim

Two colleagues shortlisted for award after they helped to save the life of a man stabbed in the middle of the night in a central Manchester…

Hardstaff News Team 24 November 2022
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Brave colleagues in line for top award for helping to save man’s life following motorway crash

Brave colleagues in line for top award for helping to save man's life following motorway crash by stopping traffic and delivering CPR.

Hardstaff News Team 16 November 2022

Stronger together, on Road Safety Week – and every week

Every day on the UK’s roads, five people are killed, more than 60 are seriously injured and hundreds more are slightly injured, on average. 

Hardstaff News Team 14 November 2022

Leading VRS manufacturers prepare to showcase innovative life-saving solutions at Highways UK

Asset VRS, Varley and Gulliver, Hardstaff Barriers and Hill and Smith Barriers, will be exhibiting their range of tested and approved VRS solutions, at the event…

Hardstaff News Team 21 October 2022
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Protecting The Queen’s Funeral

Mourners were protected from the threat of vehicle-borne attacks thanks to one of the largest ever deployments of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) barriers in UK history.

Hardstaff News Team 30 September 2022
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Hardstaff HVM Manager receives top accolade

We're very proud of our Hardstaff Secure General Manager, Niall Griffin, who was awarded his Chartered Security Register certificate last night. Niall is one of just…

Hardstaff News Team 27 September 2022
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Historic M1 footbridge protected thanks to installation of world-first road barrier

One of the UK’s oldest motorway footbridges has been given a new lease of life thanks to the installation of the world’s first approved highest containment…

Hardstaff News Team 15 September 2022
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Concrete barriers help to keep workers constructing UK’s largest railway concourse safe

Construction teams working at the site of London’s major new high-speed railway station are being protected from site vehicles thanks to the installation of concrete safety…

Hardstaff News Team 19 July 2022

Ever wondered what actually happens to a sign post in a crash?

Visitors to a free upcoming highways event will have a rare opportunity to safely witness what happens when a high-speed vehicle collides with a sign post.

Hardstaff News Team 28 June 2022

Barriers ensured visitors stayed safe at nation’s Armed Forces show

Visitors to the UK’s Armed Forces Day event at the weekend were protected from the threat posed by vehicles thanks to a system of safety barriers…

Hardstaff News Team 28 June 2022
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Innovation and collaboration are the secrets to our success, say Midlands women in engineering

While the majority of engineers worldwide are men, today is about celebrating the growing number of bold and brilliant females working in the industry, and VRS…

Hardstaff News Team 23 June 2022

Sustainability and societal impact are everybody’s business, says Nottinghamshire ESG lead

Environmental protection, equality, social impact and ethics are at the forefront of everything we do these days. Children are developing environmental consciences in school in the…

Hardstaff News Team 31 May 2022