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New Normal solutions for UK business

Alfresco dining – 'New normal' with solutions for UK businesses


In an effort to stem the spread of COVID-19, outdoor seating and space have become more important than ever for pubs, cafes and restaurants in the UK this summer.

In response to this new way of life, alfresco dining has become more widely available and pavement licenses for outside seating can be more readily obtained.

Town and city centres have also had to be swiftly adapted to protect shoppers and workers, with the creation of many new pedestrianised areas, cycle lanes and extra space for social distancing.

But to do this quickly, safely and efficiently, hospitality businesses have needed expert support to create these new areas of space and seating.

Multi-award winning manufacturer and supplier of concrete and steel safety barriers, Hardstaff Barriers, has received a significant increase in demand for its range of roadside and perimeter security systems, which are all designed to keep people and property safe.

The barriers provide a safer and more robust alternative to plastic barriers, particularly in allocated spaces close to roads and tramlines.


From providing safe spaces at events, controlling queues and people flow to temporary traffic solutions for cyclists and vehicles, Hardstaff Barriers are supporting the ‘New Normal’.

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