REBLOC NB100/300_8 H2W4

Integrated Noise Barrier

Product Overview

Features & Advantages

  • Space gain due to combination of vehicle restraint system and one-sided noise barrier
  • High noise protection effect through low distance to source of noise
  • Quick installation due to simultaneous mounting of vehicle restraint system and noise barrier

The REBLOC® Integrated Noise Barrier consists of a base element of New Jersey profile and a plate shaped noise barrier element. The slim total system width makes optimum use of the space available. One noise barrier element is inserted overlapping two base elements. This configuration enhances stability. The patented coupling system guarantees a high restraint function and connects the elements to a strong chain.

Expansion units, terminals and connections to other systems also available.


  • Length 8000/8000mm
  • Width 950/240mm
  • Height 1000/2800mm
  • Weight 6000/7500kg
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