Over half a million people have died in collisions on the UK’s roads

Bridget Driscoll, circled, the first ever UK death by a motor vehicle

With its range of road safety and hostile vehicle mitigation systems, Hardstaff Barriers is proud to be playing an important role in the fight against UK road deaths.

The company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of life-saving vehicle restraint systems (VRS), which are designed to protect road workers and road users from collisions.

But despite the hard work of road safety professionals and the UK’s impressive road safety record, five people are killed every day and over 60 are seriously injured on our roads.

And since the death of Bridget Driscoll in 1896, the first ever UK death by a motor vehicle, well over half a million people have been killed on the roads in Britain.

This August, Hardstaff Barriers is supporting National Road Victim Month, which was established following the death of Princess Diana on  August 31, 1997.

You can find out more about National Road Victim Month and what you can do to support it here.