From small gatherings to sports games attended by thousands – all event attendees should be safe and protected. 

Hardstaff Secure has been the appointed contractor of the Government’s National Barrier Asset – a large collection of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) products – for a number of years. 

The HVM team is headed up by Niall Griffin, who joined us in 2018 and has worked as a Counter-Terrorist Security Co-ordinator. He has been involved with the NBA since its inception in 2004.  

Niall is one of just 259 Chartered Security Professionals on the Register in the UK, making him one of the most knowledgeable and qualified HVM specialists. 

He is a major contributor to this whitepaper and is passionate about event security and public safety. 

We hope that people working in the events industry find this document a useful source of information, and can use it to keep their attendees safe. 

Time to act now

HVM and the responsibilities facing event organisers. Download the White Paper by providing some details below.
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