Posted by Hardstaff Barriers on 2 October 2017 | Comments

On Sunday 4 June 14:45, H2S2 Ltd were requested by the Metropolitan Police Service, under the National Barrier Asset (NBA) contract, to attend a site that night and install Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) on bridges in London to separate vehicles from pedestrians.

H2S2 Ltd, along with supply chain partners, geared up and attended the site within six hours to commence installation of the surface mounted HVM utilising Varioguard®, TVCBs and Barges. Over the following six nights, H2S2 Ltd installed HVM on eight of London’s most iconic bridges including Westminster Bridge, London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

From receiving the call, H2S2 Ltd undertook part in a joint site survey with the NBA team and Metropolitan Police of the bridges, detailing design, liaison with stakeholders (especially bridge owners in regard to structural loading, bridge expansion, access to access chambers and non-motorised user access) and organising logistics and transportation of people, plant and materials. 

Due to the environment, the HVM could not be pinned to the bridge decks due to possible damage to the waterproofing. It was also found that areas just off the bridge decks were a heavy presence of utilities in the carriageway. Therefore, it was decided to use the innovative Concrete Anchor Terminal to terminate the longitudinal HVM, which provided a surface mounted solution and eliminated the need for any pinning or drilling.

Key Facts:

  • 6-hour response time (from receiving call to attending site)
  • Surface-mounted solutions
  • 3324m of Varioguard® deployed
  • 28 Concrete Anchor Terminals
  • 100 Barges deployed