Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
with High-Security Concrete Barriers

We specialise in the development and deployment of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation systems (HVM).  With both rapid deployment HVM and planned event protection our teams can assist with your project.  
Management and deployment of the National Barrier Asset (NBA) is done through H2S2, these Temporary Hostile Vehicle Mitigation systems can be deployed by arranged through Hardstaff Barriers - Contact us now on 0115 983 2304


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Multibloc Concrete Barrier - PAS68

Hardstaff Barriers supply a fully-integrated vehicle mitigation concrete barrier system - this system achieves PAS68:2010 V7500(N2) 64/90:5.0/0.0.
The hostile vehicle mitigation system is designed to combat the ever-increasing security risk that sites of critical importance face. These include parts of infrastructure where the terrain is not always favourable. However, our system is designed to work on hard and soft ground and requires no foundations. This system combines all the attributes of the standard Multifence system – tested to meet the stringent quality standards of BS EN 1317 Part 2 (vehicle restraint systems) – with the ability to withstand attack by hostile vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes in weight and travelling at 40mph.
BSi PAS 68:2010 is the current specification for vehicle security barriers a UK standard and security industry’s benchmark for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation equipment.
Tested by independent organisations and governments to the most stringent criteria, our leading system technologies protect sites of critical and national importance on a global scale.
Available for rental or purchase.

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ZoneGuard Plus Hard Ground WEB

Zoneguard Plus

Developed as a rapidly deployable Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) security system that is successfully tested to both IWA 14 and CPNI Base accreditations.

The system uses the Asset VRS Zoneguard Vehicle Restraint System as its core, with modular elements added to meet the demands of both urban and non-urban applications; these elements include anti-climb fencing, pedestrian portals, vehicular access gates, connections and transitions to the National Barrier Asset (NBA) systems, end and intermediate terminals and special units to allow for differences in both horizontal and vertical alignment.

Zoneguard Plus Portal

To enable pedestrian movement through a line of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures where a more visual point of access is required in the aiding of crowd control.

  • Interlocking design allows for extendibility
  • Ideal for both temporary events and permanent works
  • Fully tested to IWA 14-1
  • Links to Zoneguard Plus
  • Integrated with Zoneguard
  • Also compatible with Zoneguard Plus high-security fence

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Impakt WEB

Impakt Defender

The Impakt Defender from Hardstaff Barriers is a surface-mounted hostile vehicle mitigation system, IWA14 rated vehicle security barrier (VSB) designed to protect people, buildings and infrastructure from hostile vehicle attack.

Its unique shape, with its large footprint, has been specifically designed to block vehicles. Each 430kg, 1m × 1m × 1m solid rubber unit is connected by steel securing cables, providing the flexibility to protect both entrance areas and site perimeters against hostile vehicle attack. With the units in position, the steel securing cables can be anchored to create a stronger physical barrier.

Requiring no foundations, the surface mounted system can be rapidly deployed as a temporary or permanent security measure, as part of a robust hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) strategy.

The Impakt Defender has been successfully impact tested to IWA 14-1 specification, stopping a 7.2 tonne N2A lorry travelling at 48kph (30mph).

Intruder Deterrent

Hardstaff Barriers’ Intruder Deterrent panels were developed in conjunction with the rail industry to deter access to prohibited areas. They are a proven physical and visual deterrent.

Used across the globe for over a decade, the innovative design of the panels enables them to be quickly and securely installed on any surface, including concrete, asphalt, gravel and grass. Their robust construction enables them to be installed almost anywhere, removed and used again and again.

These panels have an expected lifespan 25 years+ under typical service conditions and subject to correct installation. No maintenance is required, however, regular installation inspections should check that all panels are correctly positioned and supported including ensuring all fixings are in place.

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