Perimeter security solutions

High-performance security fencing for every application including boundary demarcation and safety, multi-use games area sports enclosures, high-security fencing, maximum security gates and fully implemented anti-terrorist installations including Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.










Understanding the importance of security in today’s world, Hardstaff Barriers provides ultimate perimeter security systems and can ensure confidentiality on all projects entrusted to them.
Neither scale nor complexity is a problem to Hardstaff Barriers – capability, competence and attention to detail set them apart. If just one thing differentiates Hardstaff Barriers from others, it is the ability to manage complexity on a scale that few can accommodate.
Regularly commissioned to perform effective delivery of perimeter security systems, Hardstaff Barriers is an acknowledged leader when it comes to planning, designing and implementing. From large infrastructure challenges to innovative bespoke designs in the private and public sectors, Hardstaff Barriers is at the forefront of delivering the solutions that such projects demand.
Hardstaff Barriers expertise and first-class record of smooth and efficient installations are beyond question. Such capability, and the experience that goes with it, enables Hardstaff Barriers to approach projects with confidence, providing a comprehensive response to client’s needs.











From Board to Border

A dedicated team of professional perimeter security advisors to assist in all aspects of the tender and specification process.

From the very start, Hardstaff Barriers has the expertise to offer help and guidance for each and every step.


Design, consultation and specification

We understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to find exactly the right products for each stage of your project.

Fencing design, specifications and requirements are no different. If you have a concept or design, we can create a bespoke system or recommend a solution from our perimeter security range to perfectly match your needs.

We can prepare detailed specification documents and provide complete drawings ready to be inserted straight into your tender documents and sent to your main or subcontractors. And with our network of preferred contractors, we can also recommend an approved installer local to your project

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