Multi Applicational Safety System


The ASSET International M.A.S.S. base unit is a steel barrier consisting of hot dip galvanized elements powder coated in highly visible safety colours. Individual base units are 150 cm long x 50 cm wide x 42 cm high and weigh 48 kg. Each unit links together via vertical pins. The various M.A.S.S. top sections can be added as specific jobs demand. Specially adapted units enable the system to rotate through 180°.













SITEGUARD provides a safe and secure working environment around airport terminals, buildings and roads. Where passengers must follow designated path ways, high visibility VISIRAIL and PEDESTRIAN GUARD guides. SCREENGUARD is the ideal choice on sites where excessive noise could be a problem and where screening of car parks or storage yards is essential.

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Vehicle Roll-On Roll-Off Stability Tested To T2 W5

When an errant vehicle drives on to the base of the system, it helps to stabilise the barrier during impact. M.A.S.S. 1 has been fully tested to T2 W5 providing protection to work force, vehicle drivers as well as pedestrians.

Non-Permanent Fixing

The high visibility ASSET M.A.S.S. base units are mounted unfixed to the road. Terminal anchorage is achieved with a steel buffer filled with sandbags. No coring or drilling into the road is necessary.

A  Better Way Of Working Safely

• Increased Pedestrian Safety 
• Anti-Vandalism Design
• High Visibility
• Accommodates 90° Bends
• Anti-Climb Fencing
• Wind Resistant
• Simple Assembly

Speed Of Installation

Straight forward and convenient to deliver on site, ASSET M.A.S.S. offers a speed of installation to limit traffic disruption. Assembly, dismantling and repositioning requires minimal time.

The Future Safety System

ASSET M.A.S.S. provides protection to vehicle drivers, the workforce and pedestrians. This is where future safety legislation will be focused concentrating on Duty of Care and Industry Best Practice.


The relatively light weight and favourable shape of ASSET M.A.S.S. makes storing, transporting and handling an easy matter. Up to 160m of ASSET M.A.S.S. can be delivered to site, pallet packed on a single vehicle.

Simple Installation

ASSET M.A.S.S. is extremely quick and easy to assemble due to its unique plug-in section. Maximum safety is achieved together with a minimum of traffic-flow disruption during the assembly period. Assembly, dismantling and repositioning requires minimal time. 

Drawings • Advice

We offer our knowledge and expertise on the design of many temporary barrier applications and will always consider solutions to unusual applications. Please contact us for free advice.
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