Hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) security solutions

High-performance permanent security fencing, including anti-terrorist installations and hostile vehicle mitigation from Hardstaff Barriers.  We provide a full turnkey solution on permanent Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Systems, all of which work to protect Critical National Infrastructure, pedestrians and assets from errant vehicles travelling up to 50mph.

Hardstaff can provide the temporary concrete barriers to fulfil an immediate demand, when access to any particular location needs to be restricted. But, once permanent a need for HVM has been identified, Hardstaff Barriers are able to supply a variety of Bollards and Street Furniture products tested and rated to BSI PAS 68, BSI PAS 170 and IWA 14-1.

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Fences

Tested to either BSI PAS 68 or ASTM F2656.
Designed and manufactured in the UK and are either tensioned or un-tensioned wire rope systems, each supported by a series of line posts, intermediate restraint posts and main anchors.
The novel wire rope design allows for a clear line of sight on long stretches of perimeter, but importantly, upon impact the fence line remains intact. We have a complete range of HVM fences with differing levels of performance; their fences are tested to 30, 40 and 50mph and some can offer ZERO penetration and ZERO major debris by the attacking vehicle weighing up to 7500kg.
Our HVM fences are designed for perimeters and have been consistently popular on large-scale sites, including: oil and gas, MOD, water treatment plants and distribution or storage sites.

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Impeder Bollard

Impeder Bollards

Tested and rated to BSI PAS 68 and IWA 14-1.
Designed to complement the HVM Fences, the Impeder Bollards can be installed as a single unit or as a complete perimeter line. Each Impeder Bollard varies in performance and are tested against speeds of 30, 40 and 50mph; this large variety allows customers to choose what level of protection they feel is necessary to secure perimeters or Critical National Infrastructure.
We have innovated further to ensure a range of shallow foundation, P1 penetration and removable options are available; this allows for the integration into commercial environments where the surrounding infrastructure needs to be maintained.

Stopper Bollards

Tested and rated to the latest standard, BSI PAS 170.
BSI PAS 170 is the latest HVM standard published by the CPNI; our Stopper Bollards are the first products in the UK to be tested against this standard. They will protect commercial and crowded locations from slower moving passenger vehicles, in the event of an accidental or intentional collision. Tested against speeds of 10 and 20mph, Stopper Bollards are a cost-effective alternative when BSI PAS 68 rated systems aren't necessary; they are suitably applied around public sector buildings, on high streets, around retail parks or nearby schools and pedestrian crossings.




Impeder Bollard

HVM Street Furniture sleeves

Untested aesthetic sleeves to complement all Impeder and Stopper Bollards.
Our HVM Street Furniture sleeves are designed to simply change the appearance of the Impeder and Stopper Bollards so they can be integrated into a commercial environment and complement the surrounding landscape. Some locations also prefer installing their HVM systems with a level of discretion which makes these aesthetic sleeves welcome additions.

HVM Street Furniture includes:

o Cycle Hoops
o Planters
o Living Wall
o Pedestrian Guardrail