National Barrier Asset Deployment H2S2


H2S2 Limited is a joint venture company between Hardstaff Barriers Limited and Highway Care Limited.

Hardstaff Barriers and Highway Care Security Solutions (HCSS) offer their proprietary range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) systems and combined high security fencing. 
Having formed a long standing working relationship, Hardstaff Barriers and HCSS formed the Joint Venture organisation H2S2. Working together with Sussex Police, H2S2 are now responsible for the promotion and the supply of the National Barrier Asset (NBA).  The NBA is a range of high-security systems owned and managed by Sussex police on behalf of the Home Office.  Providing robust HVM measures and security fencing to UK and foreign governmental departments as well as commercial organisations.
Hardstaff Barriers, as part of H2S2, have been awarded the contract by Sussex police to deploy the NBA.  Our partnership with the Sussex police force gives the NBA a wealth of experience specifically with HVM and security at major events, you can be assured that you will get an open, honest and professional service.  The NBA will only be deployed as part of an overall holistic security plan, using the most appropriate assets to ensure maximum protection.  All products have been tested to PAS68 standards and where applicable have been subjected to the UK developing "Mob" attached standards. 

National Barrier Asset Product Catalogue  

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