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From our inception in 1993, Hardstaff Barriers has been a major supplier of temporary vertical concrete security barriers (TVCBs). We have partnered tier one civil contractors such as Balfour Beatty, Vinci and Costain, as well as all Traffic Management companies. Our scope of work includes the provision, supply and installation of safety barriers for security and infrastructure projects. In the commercial market we have been sub-contracted for works as large as the M1 junction 28-31 Smart Motorways Scheme and the A453 Widening Scheme.

With over twenty years’ experience in the supply and installation of temporary safety barriers, Hardstaff Barriers has earned the position of UK market leader in the provision of concrete safety barriers and the effective organisation of barrier deployments. In conjunction with our extensive haulage capability, we can provide a complete nationwide service incorporating the supply, transportation and installation of barriers and, if required, the manufacture of specialist concrete units. This specialist expertise linked with our reputation for innovation and reliability has been instrumental in establishing and maintaining excellent customer relations across a broad raft of client industries.

Our Vision

As a company that has gone from strength to strength since its creation, Hardstaff Barriers has a clear vision for the future. Our mission is to continue to grow substantially, expanding on our core values and capabilities. We stand by our commitment to investing in our staff, our products, our facilities and our capabilities. With storage and distribution facilities throughout the UK, an experienced, professional and well praised workforce, a modern and capable fleet of vehicles and equipment, and a tried and tested product portfolio, we aim to capitalise on the success we have had so far. Our vision is to go further, expand on our excellent client base, break into new markets, and continue to uphold our reputation as market leader in our sector.

Consult, Survey, Organise…

Over two decades worth of experience has given us a wealth of knowledge and as a result, we are confident that we can satisfy our client’s requirements.

Consultancy is our first point of expertise, from project inception to on-site provision, our staff are well versed to liaise, discuss and assist in the planning of major works. We have the capability to plan efficiently and in great depth. This ensures our products are supplied and installed on time and in budget.

Manage, Store, Distribute…

Hardstaff Barriers has an extensive haulage heritage and as a result is experienced in logistics. We have our own haulage capability and operate a range of modern and capable machines including HGVs, Vans and Moffetts.

We operate from a number of depots throughout the UK. These include locations in London, Nottingham and Glasgow.

Install, Relocate, Remove…

We not only oversee the provision of safety barriers, we also install them. We have proven that be it at 2am on a Friday morning in the centre of London, or at 11pm at night on the M1, we can quickly and efficiently install our systems to meet our customers time and cost requirements.

In addition we can relocate them and remove them when required and even adapt our systems to separate requirements. This could include installing fencing or site access systems.

Design, Engineer, Manufacture…

In addition to the above we also have a design, engineering and manufacturing capability. This extends from owning moulds and manufacturing concrete barriers to designing our own fencing systems.

We make use of the most modern IT systems and have a number of staff well versed in civil and mechanical engineering. This complements our existing capabilities in consultancy and allows us to create and deliver bespoke products to our customers.

Our Markets

Highways & Roads

Hardstaff Barriers supply a complete range of products that are fully qualified for use as capable vehicle restraint systems on the highways and roads network. Our MULTIBLOC, MAXIBLOC and REBLOC systems have all seen extensive service throughout Europe and combine innovative design and outstanding capability. These products are Highways England approved, provide between N1 and H4a levels of containment and working widths of between W2 and W6. Recent major projects where our barriers have seen highways use includes the A453 widening scheme and the M1 Junction 28 to 31 improvements project where 11km of our MULTIBLOC system has been deployed.

Major Transport Hubs

Another area where demand for our barriers has been consistent is in the transport infrastructure market. The containment levels offered by our barriers makes them ideally suited to securing the perimeters of major transport hubs. Our barriers have seen service both air side and land side at airports and have been used in conjunction with our PAS.68 high security fencing system. As well as airports our barriers are also used during the maintenance or security of railway stations, sea ports, bridges and tunnels.

Construction & Demolition

Our barriers have been used as both vehicle restraint systems and kentledge which makes them ideally suited to the construction and demolition markets. Our barriers have been used as ballasts for site fencing, scaffolding and temporary structures as well supporting hoarding and access and egress systems. Our barriers can benefit the construction market in a number of ways, from acting as retaining walls and bunds to temporary car parks and storage facilities. With hoarding and gates, our systems can ensure a site is completely secure keeping the public and workforce safe. Acting as foundations, our barriers can form the basis of temporary structures such as security gatehouses or smoking shelters.

Events & Festivals

Be it at professional race tracks or summer music festivals. Our barriers are designed to work in a range terrains be it agricultural or industrial. This makes our barriers well suited to the events & festivals market. At music festivals our barriers have been used as kentledge a number of applications be for anchoring tents and pavilions or holding up hoarding and security fencing. Our barriers have even been used to create temporary race circuits, ensuring the safety of on-looking crowds whilst maximising the experience. Other events include air shows, exhibitions among many more.

Sites & Commercial Property

Our barriers are ideal for securing vacant commercial property, ensuring property values remain high while the risk of vandalism and squatting is reduced. Our barriers, in conjunction with our fencing and access products are well qualified for ensuring that commercial property agents, councils and landlords are not victims of petty crime.

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Hardstaff Barriers Limited is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales with registered number 2791285 and
registered address at Westhaven House, Arleston Way, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 4LH. VAT number: 616 6416 42

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Hardstaff Barriers Limited is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales with registered number 2791285 and
registered address at Westhaven House, Arleston Way, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 4LH. VAT number: 616 6416 42