Multibloc, Maxibloc TVCBS

Hardstaff Barriers provide a comprehensive range of vehicle restraint systems including safety barriers, terminals and transitions and crash cushions, all of which are Highways England approved and tested in accordance with EN-1317.













Multibloc TVCB

Multibloc TVCB concrete barriers are designed to deflect an errant vehicle away from local hazards within or immediately adjacent to the highway which have the potential to cause danger to the occupants of an errant vehicle, the workforce, or others. (Per TD19-2006, Chapter 8)
Multibloc TVCBs are useful throughout their whole life and are offered in various conditions. They are available for both hire and purchase and a complete RAL painting service is available on request.
The Multibloc TVCB offers N2/W3 containment, weighs roughly 2500kg and is a Highways England approved product.


Multibloc and Varioguard Westminster Bridge LR



The Multibloc is a tried and tested product that has seen decades of successful service across a broad spectrum of applications. As the name suggests, these concrete barriers have a multitude of other uses and applications, effectively providing:

  • A safe working area – protecting the workforce from vehicles travelling next to the site.
  • Protection for the travelling public from roadside and site hazards.
  • A safe and effective separation between opposing traffic streams in contraflows, preventing ‘crossover’ accidents, whilst maximising available carriageway width due to low deflections.
  • Prevention of unauthorised vehicular access to site compounds, forecourts, car parks, fields or other property.
  • A temporary flood defence or water-retaining structure (when used with other items).
  • Temporary aggregate bays or other storage areas.
  • Direction and protection for pedestrians or light vehicles in quarries, airports or other industrial, commercial or public areas.
  • In conjunction with Hardstaff Multifence – a high-security, easily moved temporary perimeter fence.















Maxibloc THVCB

Block Moving

Maxibloc THVCB

Maxibloc THVCBs provide H4a (Very High Containment) protection and are designed to deflect heavy goods vehicles from temporary and permanent bridge supports, other vulnerable structures and amongst other uses, provide effective temporary parapet protection.
The Maxibloc THVCB offers H4a containment, weighs roughly 4500kg and is a Highways England approved product.

Maxibloc Surface-Mounted

A Maxibloc Surface-Mounted THVCB application provides a containment level of H4a and a working width of 1.81m (W6). The system is installed free-standing on the carriageway surface and the containment is achieved by installing a double thickness wall of intermediate barriers (V50) with staggered joints.

Maxibloc Recessed

A Maxibloc Recessed THVCB installation provides a containment level of H4a and a working width of 625mm (W2). The intermediate (V50) concrete barriers are installed in a 200mm deep trench formed in the carriageway surface and the trench back-filled with concrete.
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Multibloc and Varioguard Westminster Bridge a
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